ERP Customization/ Implementation

We have been building Enterprise software for over 7 years. We automate complex systems, making them simple to use and maintain no matter where you are.

Building Enterprise software takes time, and having a full vision of what the software needs to do, who will use it, how many people will use it, what they will use it for and how long it’s expected to be in use for are all key considerations that will influence the solution architecture.

Understanding that there may be points before the final go live, where a subset of the final product can be deployed, and the business can start getting feedback on the software is crucial as this can steer the future direction of the product ensuring that resources are well utilized.

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The need for a piece of Enterprise software can come from a number of business situations, and a combination of the factors below usually feature in the early discussions with our clients:

A system has built up over time in Excel/Access and has now become burdensome to maintain and or enhance. Typically, a system spans multiple Excel/Access files/databases and the time to get information in and out of the system is causing the business operational challenges.

Multiple teams require different data and reports from the same system, their desires and requirements on how to best enhance the system are not aligned and the existing system has become disjointed and the data messy.

There are multiple business systems all solving parts of a business issue, and no one system can fulfil the business need. Data is spread across multiple systems that cannot see each other. Reporting has to be done outside of these systems requiring a lot of time.

Existing systems are not compatible and cannot be integrated to work together. The business knows there is value in these systems working together, but the task to integrate and maintain multiple systems outweighs the benefit of doing so.