Technology Stack

We have been building Enterprise software for over 7 years. We automate complex systems, making them simple to use and maintain no matter where you are.

Building Enterprise software takes time, and having a full vision of what the software needs to do, who will use it, how many people will use it, what they will use it for and how long it’s expected to be in use for are all key considerations that will influence the solution architecture.

Development Framework

Symfony, Django, Odoo, Zend, React, Laravel, Angular, Ionic, ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core (REST APIs), .NET / C#, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Bootstrap,

Cloud (Microsoft Azure): Azure App Services, Azure Functions, Cloud Services, SQL Azure, Azure Queues / Azure Service Bus, Azure Automation

Development Tools

Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, ReSharper, Azure Dev Ops (formerly VSTS), MsBuild, Protractor / Selenium, Jasmine/Karma


Azure Dev Ops